FDA Rebuttal Letter


We want to assure all of our clients and would-be clients that The Aloe Man, Inc. and all of its associates are in compliance with the rule and
regulations of the FDA.

We further want to assure you that the letters that the FDA has placed on the internet are no longer valid.  In fact both complaints were handled within
twenty days of the complaint.  The only reason that the letters remain on the internet (in our opinion) is to try and hurt us.

There was never a question about the safety of our products.  The issue was always what we said about the product in print and on the internet.  

We have served the public for over 33 years and never had not one serious complaint.  Our products are quality products that work.

We invite you to check with the FDA.  You will find that we have answered all complaints in a timely manner and you will find that our products, our facility
and our reputation are in good standing.

Dr. J.L. Johnson, PhD
President, CEO and Founder of
The Aloe Man, Inc.

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